Boris Johnson Visits Ukraine to Meet President Zelenskyy

Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister, travelled to Kyiv to meet with Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the President of Ukraine. They discussed the ongoing humanitarian crisis in the country and the British Prime Minister promised more military support to help defend Ukraine. Johnson also outlined an additional $500m World Bank guarantee to support Ukraine’s economy which he said that the UK had been fully supportive of.

Johnson said in a speech:

“We will give you the support that you need, the economic support but also of course the defensive military support in which I’m proud to say the UK helped to lead the way. Just the other day we raised I think £1.5bn at a donor conference from friends, partners around the world, dozens and dozens of countries that now want to support Ukraine. We want to liberalise trade with Ukraine as we go forward to help your economic circumstances, barley and other commodities – there are things we should be doing. We want to help with demining your country, getting rid of the savage traps that the Russian army has left behind.”

Zelenskyy said in response:

“The conclusion is one and it is common – we have to put even more pressure on the Russian Federation, to put pressure with effective defense against Russia, to put strong pressure in terms of sanctions. I am grateful to the United Kingdom for continuing these powerful sanctions, constantly increasing its packages, and also helping Ukraine by strengthening our defense capabilities.”