50 Years Ago – 15 January 1972

15 January 1972

Peter Walker, the Environment Minister, ordered an inquiry into allegations that a large quantity of cyanide drums had been dumped into a tip in Wolston, near Rugby. Bill Price, the local Labour MP, said “I am satisfied that there is no immediate danger to health, but the future danger, if these drums are there, remains as worrying”.

Dom Mintoff, the Prime Minister of Malta, agreed to meet Lord Carrington, the Defence Secretary, in Rome in a last-minute bid to diffuse the growing tensions between the two countries. President Nixon had intervened in the dispute to say that he did not want to the island to come under the control of the Soviets.

Rupert Mackeson, the grandson of the founder of the Mackeson brewery, and a Baronet, admitted assaulting his wife who was granted a divorce based on his behaviour.