100 Years Ago – 11 January 1922

11 January 1922

Arthur Griffith was confirmed as the new President of Dáil Éireann, the Irish Parliament, and he started to appoint a new Cabinet before adjourning the Parliament until mid February 1922. In protest at the new President, Éamon de Valera and his followers left the Chamber of the Parliament whilst the vote was being taken. Michael Collins became the Minister for Finance, George Gavan Duffy the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Eamonn Duggan the Minister for Home Affairs and Kevin O’Higgins became the Minister for Economic Affairs.

A letter sent by Sir George Younger to the chairmen of Unionist Associations strongly suggested that there was unlikely to be an early General Election.

The strike of miners in South Africa began, with General Jan Smuts condemning the action, saying “if these mines close tomorrow because you refuse my simple, reasonable request, the public will look upon it as an outrage”.