50 Years Ago – 8 January 1972

8 January 1972

Lord Carrington (in photo above), the Secretary of State for Defence, cancelled off his engagements in Hong Kong in a bid to tackle the on-going issues with Malta. 4,000 troops needed to be withdrawn from the island following a disagreement between Dom Mintoff, the Maltese Prime Minister, and the British Government.

The National Coal Board said that they had “gone to their limit” with proposals on pay to avert a national strike. 289 coal mines would shut, with an expected 280,000 miners going on strike. Lawrence Daly, the General Secretary of the National Union of Miners, said “we have a very powerful militant tradition and the miners will stick it out”.

An army spokesman said that an IRA lecture on explosives was interrupted following a military raid on a property in Belfast.

Talks between the UK and the six members of the EEC were expected to come in an end within a week, with the UK aiming to seek membership of the Common Market.