50 Years Ago – 3 January 1972

3 January 1972

Last-minute negotiations to prevent a miner’s strike continued, with discussions held between Derek Ezra, the Chairman of the National Coal Board, and senior trade union officials Joe Gormley and Lawrence Daly. Daly, the General Secretary of the National Union of Mineworkers, said that if the union didn’t get its way in obtaining more than the 7% pay increase offered then other unions would support them to “paralyse the economy overnight”.

The British army said that it had arrested “four fairly important IRA officers” during a raid on a property in the Ardoyne area of Belfast.

A Libyan military aircraft was reported to have arrived in Malta with thousands of rounds of rifle ammunition, following shortages in the Maltese police force. The dispute between the British and Dom Mintoff (photo above), the Maltese Prime Minister, continued with all British troops being withdrawn from the island.