100 Years Ago – 3 January 1922

3 January 1922

The Dáil Éireann resumed its negotiations on whether to accept the proposals made in the Anglo-Irish Treaty, with an attempt to reach an agreement between the opposing parties to ensure that Sinn Fein could remain united. Agreement was appearing inevitable as despite some reservations by nationalist leaders, 176 public bodies had made a public call for the treaty to be ratified.

The Scotsman reported that there were now 705 Peers in the House of Lords and that the chamber remained unreformed, despite pledges by previous administrations to review the institution. The newspaper added that “the year just ended shows no sign of diminution in the rate of additions” to the Upper Chamber.

The writ for a by-election in the constituency of Tamworth was issued, with a date being set for 17 January 1922. The election was needed following the death on 22 November 1921 of the incumbent MP Henry Wilson-Fox, who had held the seat since 1917.