Minister for Africa Vicky Ford Makes Statement on Somali Elections

Vicky Ford, the Minister for Africa, has said that the Government is concerned about the electoral process in Somali and called on leaders to have a system that the citizens can have confidence in.

Ford said in a statement:

“The UK is deeply concerned by the political situation in Somalia. Somalia stands at a critical juncture. For the sake of Somalia’s stability and security, it is vital Somalia’s leaders conclude the electoral process as soon as possible in a way that ensures the confidence of the Somali people in its outcome.”

She added:

“This is a time for leadership and cooperation by all parties. It is vital Somalia’s leaders look beyond self-interest and refrain from any actions that could exacerbate the political tensions and risk violence, including through public statements, parallel processes or other provocative measures.”

Ned Price, a spokesperson for the United States, said in a statement:

“It is imperative that Somalia’s national and Federal Member State leaders swiftly conclude credible, transparent and inclusive parliamentary and presidential elections and address concerns in an open and acceptable manner.”