100 Years Ago – 9 May 1921

9 May 1921

David Lloyd George, the Prime Minister, made a speech in Maidstone and said that miners needed to get rid of the notion that large profits were being made by coal mine owners and there wasn’t “a grasping body of capitalists to rob the miners of their legitimate share”. He added that the cost of coal couldn’t be increased domestically and nor would that be competitive in the global markets. The Prime Minister said that he was pleased that the leaders of Northern and Southern Ireland had met and he called for “wise counsels” to prevail in the discussions. He also called on Germany to accept the demands being made with the Allies, which would then allow them to demand that Polish obligations towards Germany were also met.

Herbert Smith, the Acting President of the Yorkshire Miners’ Federation, said that the trade union would be prepared to settle “on honourable lines”, but that they wouldn’t support any proposals that saw them come below the line of the cost of living.