100 Years Ago – 18 April 1921

18 April 1921

David Lloyd George, the Prime Minister, sent a message of support to the coalition candidate in the Bedford by-election, Frederick Kellaway. The Prime Minister said “Kellaway stands for a policy of national unity in the interests of the people as a whole as against the jarring claims of sections and classes of the community”. The by-election, which Kellaway was to win, took place on 23 April 1921.

The Miners’ Federation said that they would be holding a delegate conference following the failed attempt to get a general strike supported by all members of the Triple Alliance.

The German Government sent an alternate plan to the Government of the United States, with relation to the country’s reparations for the First World War. France said that it did not intend to compromise on the agreements which had already been made on the reparations which should be paid by Germany.