100 Years Ago – 15 April 1921

15 April 1921

David Lloyd George, the Prime Minister, confirmed that he would meet a delegation from the Triple Alliance in a last-minute attempt to stop the all out general strike.

Members of the Government were appointed as Civil Commissioners to assist local authorities in what was now being termed as a national emergency.

It was agreed to delay the taking of the census due to the potential problems that might be caused by a general strike.

Sir Arthur Edward Vicars, a former Ulster King of Arms, was executed by the IRA. He was taken from his home, Kilmorna House, by 30 men and was shot dead in front of his wife, whilst their house was destroyed by fire.

John Gilmour, the Unionist candidate, was elected unopposed for the constituency of Glasgow Pollok.

Miners trying to save their mines from flooding were threatened in Scotland, as the military moved in to guard the mines.