100 Years Ago – 11 March 1921

11 March 1921

David Lloyd George, the Prime Minister, said to the House of Commons that the Germans would need to pay reparations for the First World War, but he added they had the difficulty that many in the country didn’t accept that they were to blame.

John J O’Kelly, the Sinn Fein MP for Louth and the editor of the Catholic Bulletin, was arrested by the authorities at his house in Glasnevin, a suburb of Dublin. O’Kelly was appointed as the Minister of Education later on in 1921, and in 1926 he became the President of Sinn Fein.

The Matrimonial Causes Bill was read for a second time in the House of Lords, which enabled equality between the sexes with respect to grounds for divorce and also allowed dissolution of marriage on the grounds of adultery alone.