100 Years Ago – 1 March 1921

1 March 1921

Work was beginning on what became the Railways Act of 1921, when the Government announced that the disparate railway companies around the country would be brought together to be operated by a handful of larger private railway companies. The Government had been operating the rail network since the First World War and it agreed a payment of £21 million to the private rail companies to finalise the settlement.

Sir Edward Carson, who had turned down the opportunity to become the first Prime Minister of Northern Ireland, spoke at a meeting of the Primrose League in the Cecil Hotel in London. He praised the Government’s efforts in tackling unemployment despite the criticism that had been levelled against them. Carson said that the situation in Ireland was “lamentable” but said that the new agreement being reached with a partitioned Ireland should be given a chance.

The death of Walter James Hore-Ruthven, 9th Lord Ruthven of Freeland was announced.