100 Years Ago – 28 February 1921

28 February 1921

Lord Curzon, the Foreign Secretary, said that the British Government were committed to finding a resolution to disagreements between Armenians and Kurds. The Treaty of Sèvres had attempted to settle the matter, but there had been difficulties with its implementation and opposition to the agreement had been growing.

Horatio Bottomley, the controversial MP for Hackney South who was later expelled from the Commons for fraud, wrote a letter to voters in Woolwich saying “to the ladies and gentlemen of East Woolwich. Forgive me if I ask you to consider very seriously before recording your vote on Wednesday. Remember this, the German delegates are coming over here to try and get out of paying anything in the way of indemnity and reparation, which will mean the continuance of high prices and unemployment, and if Ramsay MacDonald is elected they will win, and you will be crushed for years with heavy rates and taxes, high rates and high cost of living. All the sacrifices and suffering of the war would have been in vain”.