50 Years Ago – 25 February 1971

25 February 1971

The Government defended a proposed pay rise for police officers of around 16%, despite this breaching the Government’s incomes policy. Edward Heath (in main image above), the Prime Minister, said that the police were a special case and there were immediate concerns as police numbers were below strength and many were leaving the force. The Police Federation said that they were demanding a pay rise of 35% and wouldn’t be accepting offers much lower than this.

The Labour Party’s NEC introduced a measure, against the recommendations of the party leadership, which would force renationalisation of any industry privatised by the Conservative Party and no compensation would be offered for that. Harold Wilson, the Leader of the Opposition, as well as Jim Callaghan and Roy Jenkins, opposed the measures as they said that compensation would need to be paid.

Robert Carr, the Minister for Employment, spent two hours in talks with the Post Office in an attempt to increase the 8% pay offer which they were offering to their workers. The national postal strike had already been taking part for six weeks and was causing significant issues for the economy.