100 Years Ago – 22 February 1921

22 February 1921

A motion of no confidence in the Government’s strategy in Ireland was put forwards by William Wedgwood Benn in the House of Commons, but it was defeated by 257 votes to 88. Benn said in the House that his amendment “charges the Government with having failed to secure the suppression of crime. It charges them with having entered into a competition in crime. It charges them with having undertaken a definition and punishment of new offences, and it charges them with having frustrated the prospects of a settlement of the problem of Irish self-government”.

Robert Cook Lockhart, the Coalition Liberal candidate in the Kirkcaldy Burghs by-election, said that he would continue to support David Lloyd George, the Prime Minister. He said that “in view of what he did during the war it would be nothing short of base ingratitude to withdraw support from without just and sufficient cause”.

The authorities in Ireland confirmed that the military had killed thirteen Republicans and captured eight others during a raid in Middleton, County Cork.