100 Years Ago – 21 February 1921

21 February 1921

David Lloyd George, the Prime Minister, sent a message to Ernest Evans who had just won the by-election in Cardiganshire for the Coalition Liberals. In the message he said “the result proves that Wales declines to be lured by stale hatreds into imperilling national unity”.

Herbert Asquith, the former Prime Minister, said in a speech in Euston, London, that things were improving in Ireland, but that people shouldn’t live “in a fool’s paradise” about the situation. He said that it was necessary to “see in true perspective the hideous succession of blunders and crimes which had made the last six months the blackest in the annals of relations with Ireland”.

George Roberts, the Labour MP for Norwich, spoke at the Efficiency Exhibition in London and said that Britain may lose her pre-eminence  unless efficiency in industry could be improved. He said that unemployment was high as efficiency hadn’t been addressed and if German efficiency improved then British workers would remain unemployed.