Visitors to Care Homes Allowed From 8 March 2021

The Government has confirmed that visitors to care homes will be permitted from 8 March 2021, with each resident allowed to have one regular visitor who can go inside. The Government said that the vaccination programme and PPE protections mean that it is seen as safe to allow care home residents to be able to have a visitor. Visitors will though have to take a lateral flow test and be willing to follow all of the control measures which exist in the care home.

Helen Whately (in main image above), the Minister for Care, said in a statement:

“One of the hardest things during this pandemic has been seeing families desperate to be reunited with their loved ones kept apart and I absolutely want to bring them back together. Throughout this pandemic we have sought clinical guidance on how visits can be conducted safely.

We had to restrict the majority of visiting when the new variant was discovered but we have done all we can to enable visits to continue in some form. That includes providing funding towards costs of screens and PPE. As we begin to open up we will move step by step to increase visits while remembering we are still in the grip of a global pandemic.”