50 Years Ago – 15 February 1971

15 February 1971

There were fears of oil price rises following the announcement by six Persian Gulf oil producing nations that their charges would rise. The Government said that it expected the rises to cost the UK economy around £100 million per year, with some of that burden being passed onto motorists.

It was D-Day in the country, the day when decimal currency was introduced and the new halfpenny, penny, and twopence coins became legal tender. There had been a two year publicity campaign to assist with the handover, which the Government said had gone well.

Tom Jackson, the General Secretary of the Union of Post Office Workers, said that negotiations were going well which might bring an end to the postal strike which had been ongoing for a month.

John Gilbert (in main image above following his later elevation to the House of Lords), the Labour MP for Dudley, called upon the Government to force licensees to keep open their public bars, following a trend of merging the lounge and public bars. Gilbert said “some people are being forced to drink in places more like ladies’ boudoirs when all they want is to drink a man’s drink in a man’s bar”.