100 Years Ago – 15 February 1921

15 February 1921

Herbert Asquith, the former Prime Minister, re-opened the National Liberal Club and said that he thought the old form of Liberalism had a future in British politics. The National Liberal Club had been requisitioned for the use of the Canadian Army between late 1916 and December 1919 and it had taken a year for repairs to be made, with some damage from its use by troops.

Winston Churchill, who was leaving the role of Secretary of State for War to take over as the Secretary of State for the Colonies, said that he expected there to be 100,000 men in the Territorial Army (the new name for the Territorial Force which had been introduced in 1908) by the end of the year.

The future of a land settlement scheme in Ireland was called into question following an announcement from Sinn Fein that any ex-serviceman taking up land would be shot.