50 Years Ago – 14 February 1971

14 February 1971

James Chichester-Clark, the Prime Minister of Northern Ireland, said that the British army should “shoot it out with the IRA” in a bid to stop the troubles in the province. He added that Edward Heath, the Prime Minister, needed to “knock the hell out of the gunmen”.

The Government confirmed that new attempts were being made to bring an end to the ongoing postal strike, which had now been on-going for a month. The Post Office said that it would increase its offer of a pay rise of 8% if efficiency savings could also be made by workers.

Harold Wilson (in main image above), the Leader of the Opposition and former Prime Minister, said in the House of Commons that he supported British entry into the European Economic Community. Wilson said “I believe it will be to the good of Britain and to the good of Europe and to the strengthening of Europe’s voice in the world if terms could be agreed which enable us to enter the Community”.