50 Years Ago – 6 February 1971

6 February 1971

A number of companies said that they would need to lay of staff following the collapse of Rolls Royce, despite Government plans to keep the company going in the public sector. Sterling Metals in Nuneaton said that 350 workers would be temporarily laid off and the Wolverhampton branch of the Fafnir Bearing Co. said it was also temporarily laying off 150 of their 600 workers.

There were issues at Heathrow Airport following the strike which was underway by Shell-Mex / BP tanker drivers. The airport encouraged airlines to refuel overseas and said that they had very limited amounts of aviation fuel left.

Guy Clutton-Brock, who was critical of the racial policies implemented by the Rhodesian Government, was deported from Rhodesia under the orders of Ian Smith (in main image above – https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Ian_Smith_1975.jpg), the country’s Prime Minister.