100 Years Ago – 7 February 1921

7 February 1921

David Lloyd George, the Prime Minister, visited Birmingham to collect the Freedom of the City award which has been granted to him. In a speech he made to mark the occasion, he said “Birmingham has played a great part in many struggles for freedom. There has never been a more colossal struggle for freedom in the history of the world than that out of which we had so victoriously emerged, and Birmingham never played a greater part in any struggle than was played in the last one”. He added that Germany needed to pay reparations for what had happened during the war, saying “nations cannot get away from being morally bound to pay for the damages they caused, they are just as responsible as any individual for damage which they inflict on their neighbours”.

Edward Carson, the outgoing leader of the Ulster Unionists, accused the Labour Party and Herbert Asquith, the former Liberal Prime Minister, of “backing up Sinn Fein assassins”.

The death of Katharine O’Shea, also known as Katharine Parnell, was announced, the wife of the late Irish nationalist leader Charles Parnell. She died in Brighton, where she had lived with her son Captain Gerald O’Shea, in her 77th year and she had been in poor health for some time.