100 Years Ago – 6 February 1921

6 February 1921

David Lloyd George, the Prime Minister, said in a speech in Birmingham that Germany could afford to pay the war reparations that were being proposed by the Allies. He said “Germany can pay if she means to. She has not yet taxed herself to the level of Great Britain and France. It is intolerable that the country that inflicted the damage, and, whilst it was inflicting the damage, escaped damage itself, should escape with less taxation than the two countries which were the victims of this wanton attack. We cannot allow it”.

The Government confirmed that it had received threats from Sinn Fein to blow up buildings in London, including Old Scotland Yard, which was being used as a recruiting office for the Royal Irish Constabulary.

A member of the military foot police, John Ryan, was murdered in Dublin when he went for a drink in the pub opposite to where he lived. The assailants got away without capture, with Ryan being pronounced dead on arrival at Jervis Street Hospital.