100 Years Ago – 1 February 1921

1 February 1921

The German Government said that its Cabinet were meeting to discuss the war reparations that the allied forces had proposed. They were assessed at a total of £11 billion which would be repaid over 42 years, alongside an additional 12% tax on German exports which would also last for 42 years.

The Government confirmed further delays before the Strickland Report would be published, which investigated the behaviour of British forces in the Burning of Cork. The Government said that it wanted Members of Parliament in the House of Commons to have a first reading of the report, before its wider publication.

The British authorities wrecked St. Enda’s School in Dublin, saying that unnecessary changes had been made to the structure of the building. They suspected that it would be used by rebel forces against the military and police, saying that the Government was satisfied that the premises had been used by an illegal association.