50 Years Ago – 29 January 1971

29 January 1971

700 workers at the manufacturer Wilkins and Mitchell said that they demanded that 11 men should be fired from the company, otherwise there would be an all-out strike. The 11 men had decided that they didn’t agree with the trade union and were accused on strike breaking.

Government figures showed that 10,970,000 days were lost to strike action in 1970, the highest number since the General Strike of 1926. There was a decrease of 90,000 in the number of cars produced in the UK, mostly due to industrial action.

Henry Binnersley, a driver with British Road Services, said that he had been fined by his union, the Transport and General Workers’ Union for working too hard. He said “I admit I am conscientious , but just because you are in a union doesn’t mean you have to be bone idle”.