50 Years Ago – 27 January 1971

27 January 1971

Dr. Horace King (main photo), the Speaker of the House of Commons between 1965 and 1971, was elevated to the Peerage. King had been the first Labour Party Speaker and had represented the constituency of Southampton Test from 1950 until 1955 and Southampton Itchen from 1955 until 1971.

British European Airways (BEA) said that there might need to be a 10% cut in the number of staff members following a walkout by around 2,500 staff. Kenneth Wilkinson, the Managing Director of BEA said that he hoped the matter could be resolved otherwise these cuts “would only be the beginning”.

The Soviets said that if Polish labour unrests continued and verged into violence again then they would send troops to deal with the disruption.

The pound soared to its highest level against the US dollar, with £1 now buying $2.42.

Edward Heath, the Prime Minister, said that he would be prepared to fly on the new Concorde aircraft.