100 Years Ago – 21 January 1921

21 January 1921

Notices were placed in Dublin by the authorities saying that “known rebels” would be held as hostages if attacks on the police and military continued. The British Government intended to use these known rebels to be transported with the police and military to try and reduce the number of ambushes which were taking place.

An ambush of police took place in County Clare, with six officers being killed and two injured.

The military destroyed two properties in Washington Street, Cork from where two detectives were shot at and were seriously injured. The owners of the two shops, Anthony Higgins a grocer and Mr Macari, were not given advance notice of the military blowing their buildings up, but were allowed to remove their goods.

The allies proposed that Germany should pay five fixed annual instalments as reparations for the First World War. No figures had been confirmed, but it was thought that the Germans would oppose the suggestion.

The Paris Municipal Council announced that they proposed a poll tax of £4 on all foreigners coming to Paris. It would also be necessary for foreigners to have to renew their permits every three months to stay in the city, which would cost £1 each time.