100 Years Ago – 20 January 1921

20 January 1921

Field-Marshal Sir William Robertson said in Nottingham that it shouldn’t be for him, or for any other officer, to travel up and down the country appealing for fair treatment for those who had fought in the First World War, but that it should be the business of the nation. Robertson served as the Chief of the Imperial General Staff during the second half of the conflict and was also the only person in British military history to have gone from an enlisted rank to become a Field-Marshal.

Four soldiers were injured in a series of ambushes which took place in martial law operated areas of Southern Ireland. Some of the attacks included an ambush on a military lorry at Borrisoleigh on the Menagh Road in County Tipperary, an attack on a military and police vehicle at Buttevant in County Cork and an attack leaving one police officer seriously injured at Kirloe in County Galway.

There was a running battle between auxiliary army cadets and armed civilians in the Summerhill area of Dublin, with one cadet being wounded.