100 Years Ago – 19 January 1921

19 January 1921

Aristide Briand became the Prime Minister of France for the third time and he sent a telegram to David Lloyd George, the Prime Minister, saying “I desire to say how happy I am now to be in a position to collaborate with you again for the maintenance of the cordial relations which exist between Great Britain and France”.

David Lloyd George confirmed that the Government was again delaying the Strickland Report into the matter of British reprisals in Cork, with no date being given for its publication. The Times newspaper said “there seems no doubt that the report have occasioned great anxiety to the Government”.

There was an ambush of police at Kilroe, located nine miles from Galway, with six men wounded during the attack. There were nine police who were travelling between Galway to Headford who were attacked by thirty men jumping out of a wood. One police officer, Harold Dawkins, was able to find a horse in order to ride to Galway to get assistance whilst the others defended themselves against the attack.