100 Years Ago – 13 January 1921

13 January 1921

The result of the Hereford by-election was announced, with Samuel Roberts winning for the Unionist Party. He secured 9,670 votes compared to the 7,411 votes received for Ernest Wilfred Langford, representing the Liberal Party. The by-election was caused by the resignation in December 1920 of Charles Pulley who had represented the constituency since 1918.

The Postmaster General was facing a growing number of complaints and increasing opposition following his announcement that phone charges would rise significantly. The aim was to ensure that the phone network was financially self-supporting, but there were concerns from businesses that the costs were too onerous.

The Germans made complaint at what they called a “Polish reign of terror” in Upper Silesia and the disputed areas. It was claimed that there were “monstrous deeds of violence and horror which follow one another uninterruptedly and keep the inhabitants in a state of perpetual uneasiness and anxiety. The Poles are exercising a political terror in every imaginable form”.

It was reported that an Allied torpedo boat had sunk a Bolshevik transport in the Black Sea which was taking Russian troops to Trebizond.