100 Years Ago – 11 January 1921

11 January 1921

At a meeting of the Royal Geographical Society, Sir Francis Younghusband, the organisation’s President, confirmed that an expedition to Mount Everest would take place as permission had been granted to climb in the area. This plan, which turned into the 1921 expedition, was led by Charles Howard-Bury, but George Mallory became one of the most important members.

The National Union of Railwaymen met to discuss the difficulties on the rail network given the falling number of passengers and the losses which were being incurred. The union said that many companies were laying off workers and some weren’t respecting the new charter of working conditions.

A military car was attacked in Dublin as it passed over the Charlemont Bridge, with eight men ambushing the vehicle. In the car was a chauffeur, two officers and the wife of one of the officers, with all four surviving but with some minor injuries. The military arrived at the scene shortly afterwards but were unable to find any of the culprits.