100 Years Ago – 10 January 1921

10 January 1921

David Lloyd George sent the following message to the League of Nations following their first year of operation:

“The League of Nations is a great ideal. It embodies some of the deepest hopes of mankind. Its machinery has now been working for a year and has made a good start. But we are only at the beginning of the movement towards international justice and permanent peace. The League will be successful in proportion that it represents all nations, and as the nations really insist on fair and open dealing with one another. Then will the Council and the Assembly of the League gain from the high standard of tolerance, honesty and fidelity which they set the authority to enable them to deal effectively with international affairs. In pressing for these things the League of Nations Union will be able to do invaluable work for the cause of the League, and in that work I wish them all success in 1921.”

The Cabinet confirmed that the Government was planning to grant subsidies for civil aviation companies.

Businesses and individuals complained at the substantial increase in charges for phone rental and calls that had been announced by the General Post Office. The Government said that it wanted the service to be self-supporting, but numerous business groups said that the cost would be too onerous and many individuals and businesses would cease using their phones.