100 Years Ago – 4 January 1921

4 January 1921

The Government agreed to a basis for the reform of the House of Lords, which was similar to recommendations made by the Bryce Committee who looked into the matter in 1917. There would be 246 persons elected by panels of members of the House of Commons and this would be done to give geographical balance. Other appointments to the Upper House would be by joint committee of the two Houses and a new committee would attempt to establish agreement where differences appeared between the Commons and the Lords. It was agreed that the Commons would continue to be the primary elected House, with the Lords having no right to block financial bills.

A proposal by the High Sheriff of Dublin, Dr James McWalter, to call for an Irish truce was rejected by the City Council by 22 votes to 15.

Negotiations between the sides saw the miners’ dispute in Rhondda as resolved and workers were expected to return to work immediately.