100 Years Ago – 31 December 1920

31 December 1920

A letter, which the press called “semi-official” was sent from the French with a series of demands of how Germany should behave. It called for the disarmament of the Citizens’ Guard, the disarmament of the Security Police and the delivery of the surplus war material on the western front.

The German Government confirmed that it disagreed with the way that the Upper Silesia plebiscite was being planned, with the Treaty of Versailles therefore requiring that the allied forces determine the conditions under which it would be held.

General Sir Henry Lawson reported back in his role as the envoy of the Peace with Ireland Council about the allegations of reprisals against Sinn Fein members. He said that although it was clear that British troops might not be popular in Ireland, it was the ‘black and tans’ who were more hated and he concluded that they were guilty of reprisals. He added that he couldn’t say how these reprisal attacks had been authorised, but he stated that something more than tacit approval was being given from above.