100 Years Ago – 30 December 1920

30 December 1920

The Labour Party held a special conference into the Irish situation and to alleged reprisals from the military and police forces in the country. It was decided to call for an immediate judicial inquiry into the allegations and for the Government to disprove the claims that had been made against them.

Military and police troops searched tens of hotels and private houses in the Rutland Square area of Dublin in an attempt to find weapons. The authorities reported that twelve people had been arrested during the process, during which all car traffic had been suspended in the area.

A civilian was killed in a police raid at a Sinn Fein dance at the Boleran School, near Garvach. The police stated that they had been fired on when attending the scene and the civilian, aged just 16, was killed when fire was returned.

The Government of Romania stated that they needed assistance as over twelve divisions of Bolshevik forces were on their borders and they feared an imminent attack.