100 Years Ago – 26 December 1920

26 December 1920

Violence broke out in Northampton, where 1,250 unemployed former servicemen were being fed with food parcels. Around 200 men who didn’t have tickets raided the centre and took food meaning that many who had tickets for food were left unfed.

A second attempt to burn down the office of the Freeman’s Journal in Dublin failed, when the fire was extinguished on the stairs. The newspaper had been published since 1763 and it took a more pro-British view in the nineteenth century. It later became more nationalist in its coverage, but many didn’t like its failure to support a more radical approach. The newspaper’s printing machinery was later destroyed in March 1922, with the newspaper merging with the Irish Independent in 1924.

The United States repeated that it didn’t intend to join the League of Nations and was critical of David Lloyd George’s comments that peace wouldn’t be reached until every country joined the organisation.