100 Years Ago – 16 December 1920

16 December 1920

The Committee for Public Accounts published their fourth report, noting that economy was needed in all parts of Government spending to avoid national bankruptcy.

The National Executive of the Labour Party met to discuss the situation of increasing unemployment across the country. They decided on the principles of: (i) anyone who is unable to find work should be given a maintenance payment, (ii) the maintenance payment should be at least 40 shillings per week per man, 25 shillings per week per woman and extra payments for dependents, and (iii) until better provision for the unemployed is made by a new or amended Act, the scheme should be directly managed by the Government.

Denis Henry, the Attorney General for Ireland, stated that there had been no evidence of cases of looting or assaults on civilians by armed forces of the Crown in Cork and until he had such evidence he declined to believe that the suggestion was correct.