UK Welcome Progress in Afghan Peace Talks

The British Government has welcomed the progress that has been made on peace talks in Afghanistan. The Taliban and the Afghan Government have agreed to a three-page agreement which sets out the rules and procedures for the future negotiations, along with a roadmap on how peace can be delivered.

Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon, the Minister for the Commonwealth and South Asia, said:

“I commend the perseverance and effort of the two negotiating sides in reaching common ground after decades of conflict. This is an important step in the Afghan-led, Afghan-owned peace talks.

I hope this development leads to a political settlement and a comprehensive ceasefire that the Afghan people want and deserve. For talks to stand a real chance of success, there is a pressing need for a significant reduction in violence: the people of Afghanistan have suffered for too long.

While there is a still a long way to go, this agreement shows both sides are able to work together in the pursuit of lasting peace. Only an inclusive political settlement negotiated between Afghans will end this conflict. The UK will continue to support Afghanistan on this journey towards stability and security.”