100 Years Ago – 28 November 1920

28 November 1920

There were concerns of a terrorist attack from Sinn Fein, leading to the authorities closing off all entrances to Downing Street and adding extra protection to the Houses of Parliament and the Irish Office. Barricades were also placed at either end of Whitehall with access to the road being limited.

The Government confirmed that it intended to inter known members of the Irish Republican Army, with preparations to turn the former military training barracks at Ballykinler Camp into an internment centre for over 1,000 men.

A man was arrested in the lobby of the House of Commons by police, who said that he had provided a false name and written IRA in the visitors’ book. He was kept in police custody before being sent to a magistrates’ court for his identity to be discovered.

The Government confirmed that a vessel had been sent with 5,000 rifles intended for use by the Ulster Police Force who were in training at Newtownards. On 22 April 1922, the force was renamed by King George V as the Royal Ulster Constabulary.