100 Years Ago – 28 September 1920

28 September 1920

The penny fare in London came to an end today, a previously common charge to use buses, trams and the tube in the city. Machines that dispensed the tickets were taken out of usage, as fares were increased across the board to 1 1/2d.

A number of Labour organisations put forward a proposal to impeach Winston Churchill and a number of other Ministers for what they considered to be inappropriate behaviour. The Western Mail noted that although the process of impeachment did still technically exist, it hadn’t been used since Lord Melville in 1806 and it was unlikely to be used again in the future.

Problems continued in Ireland, with a bomb explosion in Cork and it was claimed that 200 men from the ‘Black and Tans’ caused damage to a number of premises in Trim, County Meath. It was said at the time that this was a response by the British Government in response for the destruction of the barracks at Trim.