100 Years Ago – 18 June 1920

18 June 1920

The Western Mail reported the growing increase in support for Welsh independence, following on from the situation in Ireland where revolt was continuing. The newspaper wrote “the danger of organised outbreaks of lawlessness in Wales, now that the war is over, cannot be ignored. The fatuous policy which by the example of semi-official sanction encouraged Irish Sinn Feiners to arm and drill for revolutionary purposes has not been without its imitators and results in Wales. The confidence of the sheeplike pacifism of the Welsh farmer received a rude shock in the tithe war, and the placability of the Welsh collier in the Tonypandy riots. The military and police force which suppressed these have not during the war been so actively employed in the interests of law and order”.

MPs in the House of Commons asked Winston Churchill, the then Minister of War, to allow parents of the war dead to be able to go and see the site where their family member died. Charles Stanton, the Labour MP for Aberdare, said “I think that at least one return pass should be granted to each family who lost a son or other near relative in the war. Surely it is not too much to do this given the sacrifice made”.