100 Years Ago – 17 June 1920

17 June 1920

David Lloyd George, the Prime Minister, made a statement in the House of Commons regarding the trade negotiations which were taking place with Russia. Although the United States hadn’t officially recognised the new Russian Government, Lloyd George told Lord Curzon that the American Ambassador had been present at the San Remo conference where a decision was made to enter into a commercial relationship with Russia.

The media reported that Arthur Henderson, the Secretary of the Labour Party, had been taken ill and was undergoing an operation in a Leeds nursing home and the party said that he wouldn’t be back to work for at least a month. Henderson was to live until 1935 and won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1934, as well as serving as the Labour leader on three separate occasions.

There were disturbances in Londonderry when a large number of armed Sinn Fein supporters assembled at the end of Bridge Street in the town, with anyone wanting to pass by being stopped and searched for weapons. No money was taken from anyone searched, with no weaponry found.