Parliamentary Committee Calls for Submissions on Future of the Probation Service

The Justice Committee of Parliament has called for submissions of evidence from anyone who wishes to comment on the future of the probation service. The committee is looking for alternative models for the probation service, as well as the public-private involvement over the next few years. There is a question in how the probation service can be recognised as a skilled profession and whether small voluntary and third sector organisations can be involved.

The inquiry said in a statement:

“Probation services have gone through substantial change in the past five years. After the financial failure and withdrawal of several CRC providers, the MoJ decided to end CRC contracts 14 months early (during this year) and to return to having a single national probation service for all offenders, but with some services still contracted out to private, voluntary or statutory providers.

On 11 June 2020, The Lord Chancellor announced that the competitive process for Probation Delivery Partner contracts would be ended, and instead these elements of probation delivery would be brought back under the control of the NPS. The new model of probation is due to go live in June 2021. The Committee’s inquiry will examine the proposed model for the new probation service and seek views on how well the proposed model addresses the problems identified in the past.”

Evidence can be submitted via the form at