100 Years Ago – 16 June 1920

16 June 1920

The Government said that it might intervene in a bid to help hospitals, following the potential closure of the National Hospital for the Paralysed and Epileptic in London. Christopher Addison, the Health Minister, said that the situation of numerous hospitals closing was “a cause for anxiety” and said that the Government were looking at how they could support the institutions.

The press reported that the situation for British troops in Persia was deteriorating and that the attack on Teheran by local tribes was worse than previously thought. It was reported that 6,000 Arabs attacked Government buildings at Mosul and half the city was under threat, whilst British ships on the River Tigris had been looted and sailors killed.

A strike on the railways in Italy caused chaos and it was reported that passenger trains at some stations had been attacked and drivers injured.