100 Years Ago – 14 June 1920

14 June 1920

It was reported that Essad Pasha Toptani had been killed in Paris whilst in talks to negotiate recognition for the country of Albania and to prevent its partition.

Austen Chamberlain, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, again repeated that there would be no levy on war-time wealth, a proposal that had been causing concern in the financial markets. The Chancellor said that he wanted to avoid a financial catastrophe and added that “the world of finance and commerce is not in a stable position”.

The press reported that Leon Trotsky had been killed in Russia, with Lenin have to flee after a counter-revolution. It was reported that a new government had been established, led by General Brussiloff. Although the rumours transpired to be untrue, there was considerable disquiet in Russia about the state of the regime, with numerous plots being developed to undermine the Government.