100 Years Ago – 13 June 1920

13 June 1920

Readers in Manchester and Liverpool found that there was no news from outside of their cities following a strike of newspaper compositors. Workers at a number of provincial newspapers demanded an extra £1 a week, instead of the 10 shillings that had been offered, with fears that the strikes could spread to London newspapers.

The press reported that the British Government had made efforts to bring the wave of violence in Ireland to an end. The plan was to arrest the leaders and “dangerous men” of Sinn Fein, with the Government saying that some weren’t Irishmen but had gone to the country to cause trouble. Due to problems with securing juries for trials in Ireland, it was decided that they would be abolished and replaced by a special tribunal of judges. Downing Street also denied rumours that there were ongoing talks between the Prime Minister and Sinn Fein prisoners at Wormwood Scrubs in London.