100 Years Ago – 6 June 1920

6 June 1920

David Lloyd George, the Prime Minister, was reported by the press to have reacted angrily to the news that railwaymen in Ireland had refused to transport army munitions from the mainland. The Prime Minister said “the murderers with revolvers in their pockets are carried forwards and backwards by the railways. I never heard of a strike being organised to stop them from passing to and fro”. He added, “a box of revolvers is sent over for policemen to defend their lives, and four hundred men say we will not carry them. We cannot have that, whatever it costs and whatever it means”.

The Miners Federation announced that it would be meeting in the following week to demand either a reduction in the price of coal or increased wages for miners. The federation said that with the greater prices being charged for coal that there was sufficient money to allow a pay rise for miners and for mine owners to also earn a profit.