100 Years Ago – 5 June 1920

5 June 1920

The media reported that although a formal announcement was yet to be made, the Government had ruled out a tax on war profits. The proposal had been made to try and raise more money for the exchequer from those who had benefitted financially during the war period.

Persia made a representation to the League of Nations saying that it needed assistance in resisting Bolshevik advances. The country had already banned Bolsheviks from entering Tehran, but wanted additional help to avoid any military advances from the Soviets into the area.

The steamship Eblana docked into Cork from Manchester, but after dock-workers realised that there was barbed wire on board, they refused to handle the cargo in case it was a consignment for the military. Railway staff also refused to assist in the transportation of the material, which the strikers called to be returned to Manchester.