100 Years Ago – 28 May 1920

28 May 1920

King George V laid the foundation stone for a new building on Houghton Street in London for the London School of Economics. The building was opened in 1922 and it is today known as the ‘old building’.

The ongoing trade union dispute in Dublin over whether to transport war munitions continued after local agreement couldn’t be reached. The National Union of Railwaymen (NUR) agreed to call a meeting of the Triple Alliance, which were the main trade unions of the Miners Federation of Great Britain, the National Transport Workers’ Federation and the NUR.

A meeting of the National Democratic and Labour Party in Sheffield was heavily disrupted by interruptions from Bolshevik supporters. The speaker James Andrew Seddon said “in former days the fate of the country was in the hands of diplomats, statesmen and rulers. Now, by the extension of the franchise, the great mass of people have destiny in their own hands and are responsible for trying to rebuild this old country on newer, saner and fairer lines”.