100 Years Ago – 25 May 1920

25 May 1920

The media reported that Austen Chamberlain, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, was getting ready to present proposals on how to tax what had become known as war wealth. A research paper proposed that it would raise £500 million for the Treasury, with Winston Churchill being one of the few key supporters of the proposals. Chamberlain himself also initially supported the plans, but they were later watered down into the already existing Excess Profits Duty measures, which the war wealth tax was initially intended to replace.

Railwaymen in Dublin followed the policy of the dockers and announced that they would no longer deal or help transport any war material. This meant that some military materials sent to troops in Ireland were left stranded at Victoria Wharf in Kingstown (now known as Dún Laoghaire).

It was announced that Paul Deschanel, the President of France, had been injured in a railway accident. Deschanel had only become the country’s 11th President on 18 February 1920, but there had already been concerns about his health and he resigned from his position on 21 September 1920.